February 25 was the presentation of Aneta Korobkina’s book “Awesome! Wow-service rules, as world leaders did”
Professionals and leaders of first-class service gathered to congratulate Aneta on the release of her first book.

The book is already available for sale, and you can purchase it in the Labyrinth, Book24 online stores, in Chita-gorod and the Republic, as well as in electronic version on LitRes.

We leave links below:

Labyrinth: https://www.labirint.ru/books/737665/

Book24: https://book24.ru/…/ofigenno-pravila-vau-servisa-kak-eto-s…/

Read the city: https://www.chitai-gorod.ru/catalog/book/

Republic: https://www.respublica.ru/…/530985-korobkina-a-ofigenno-pra

LitRes: https://www.litres.ru/aneta-korobkina/ofigenno/

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