After the presentation of the book, which took place on February 25 at the InterContinental Hotel Moscow Tverskaya, the book appeared on sale in the Ozon online store and is already breaking sales records, having won the title of best seller.
In the meantime, we continue to receive reviews of the book and are happy to share them with you.

“Aneta’s new book is a real discovery for everyone in the Russian market. The book covers all the components necessary to become a service leader. Share this book with your team and hone the principles that Aneta talks about. She is on fire and shares with readers her vision of what it means to be a service leader.

Great book. ”

John Tschohl
President, Service Quality Institute
Author of First-Class Service as a Competitive

“The scale of the personality is determined by the questions that it asks. In modern life, we spend 80% of our time searching for questions that will “hook”, will
become an incentive to move on. The author of the book in each chapter asks himself these questions, and, reasoning, answers them. The book is an instruction for action. Read, ask yourself questions and rely on Aneta’s deep, experienced and professionally conscious experience. Then you, dear reader, will not remain calm, you want to act. And even further – the results. After all, the result of a business is the result of the
development of its owner. I went to act! ”

Omelchenko Olga
Head of Small Medium Business Customer Support

“Customer service is the foundation of any business. Companies that understand this are becoming the undisputed leaders in their segment. How to build a
customer-oriented business step by step is described in Aneta’s book. I was struck by the depth and quality with which the topic of building a service and developing service strategies was worked out.

Aneta each chapter inspires changes in the company, in the team and the development of itself. And, of course, a book about service cannot be non-service, in the essence of the book there is an interesting approach: blended reading, which helps to start changes in the company from the first chapter.
Read, be inspired to change your business and make your customers happy! ”

Sergey Gorbunov
Managing partner

“I recommend reading the book that Aneta has written to owners, managers and employees. The main reason – Aneta considers the issue of customer service at all levels of the company: strategy, operations and culture. In my opinion, only with such a systematic approach is it possible to change and improve the level of both external and internal customer service. I am very glad that a book has appeared in which it is stated what is important and needs to be done at all levels of
management and execution in the company. Thank you for this book, it will strengthen the library of our company and will be a great gift for customers. ”

Alexander Stoma
Founder and Managing Partner
Cotraco group

“The book you are holding is dedicated to creating a culture of first-class service. It will be useful to owners, managers and corporate trainers, as it will help to build a high-level service system. In the book you will find a well-structured and easily readable theoretical part and many useful cases for analysis and understanding, including instructions for implementing the actions that guests expect from the company in the 21st century. ”

Ella Dolmatova
Training Director
Lotte Hotel Moscow

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