On January 13, Aneta Korobkina presented her new project on YouTube, called “The Power of Service Leadership.” The Power of Service Leadership is a series of interviews with prominent hospitality industry employees and service leaders. The project distinguishes two categories of interviews with employees – Service Leader and Service Hero. The service leader is the top management staff, the true leaders of companies in providing first-class service. By their example, leaders inspire, motivate the team, support excellent service. A service hero is a front office employee of a company who, by his example, shows how to provide excellent
service, tells which tools give him an incentive to work for more than 100%. In the past, people chose companies based only on the price or quality of the product. But today, the decisive factor is the entire experience of interaction, where the customer service plays a huge role. First-class customer service helps to attract new and retain regular customers, has a great impact on the profit of your company. Employees can work wonders, making customers satisfied and loyal to your company, including turning them into brand ambassadors. First-class customer service cannot be achieved without a Service Leader.
That is why the first issue of the program came out together with Stanislav Kondov, general manager of the Radisson Collection Hotel Moscow.
The video is available at:

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