Focus is one of the main skills of efficiency

I asked myself many times how I can do 2 times more work in my plane, read more pages, put on sending a lot more letters than usual on the ground. Sometimes, even tired, when returning from a business trip, I stay more focused on the plane and I have time to do more.

The answer is simple: there is no internet, the phone is in air mode, there are no friends nearby, and the noise of the motor somehow helps to enter the working mode. Thanks to all this, I manage to achieve the desired condition – to keep the focus. Our brains are constantly tuned to distract attention, so today’s digital environment makes it especially difficult to focus.
We try to do more, and it turns out less. We grab for 3-4 things at once, but in the end we do not bring them to the end in time. Although multitasking is an important skill, it also has a drawback. It loads our intellect, and with this our efficiency decreases.


Here are some chips to increase focus and focus:

  1. Make a daily schedule;
  2. Increase your attention gradually;
  3. Be conscious and deliberate;
  4. Remove distracting factors;
  5. Set time constraints and allow yourself scheduled breaks;
  6. Practice focusing attention.

By the way, a small focus exercise:

Give yourself 2 minutes a day, include this procedure in the day plan. Take the wristwatch with a second hand, sit quietly and just watch it for a minute without distracting at all. And do it every day. You will not believe it, but very soon you will be able to focus much easier.