Creating Effective Leaders

I am a certified ICC (International Coaching Community) coach. The main coaching tools are active listening and the art of asking right questions. This helps the client find a right solution much faster using one’s internal resources.
You can either have personal coaching sessions or send your employees for coaching. I will assist them in working on leadership skills, unlocking their potential and maximizing their performance.

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What Can Be Achieved With Coaching


Learn how to set and achieve your goals in an easier and quicker way


Learn to find answers to your inner questions


Learn to use your hidden potential and resources

Become more successful and effective

More About Coaching

Coaching is based on four stages:

  • Setting a goal;
  • Checking whether the goal is realistic;
  • Developing a goal achievement plan;
  • The actual realization of the goal — the willpower stage.

You may consider coaching if:

  • You want to find answers to your questions;
  • You want to live a happier and more successful life;
  • You want to achieve your goal in an easier and quicker way.

Coaching benefits:

  • It helps the client focus on what really matters and let go of unnecessary things;
  • It helps the client relax and discuss important issues in a confidential setting;
  • It helps guide the client in a right direction for a rapid personal and professional growth.

Why You Should Contact Me?

Professional certification
Wonderful atmosphere in the centre of Moscow
Life Coaching specialization

Ready to change?

To make an appointment for a coaching session, please contact me at
+7 965 139 4676 or fill in the form. I will get in touch with you shortly. By the way, after filling in the form we can arrange a free 30-minute session based on your request.