A company that interacts with its customers through social networks is one step ahead of its competitors who do not. Expressing emotions by customers through social networks remains an important hint for improving the company’s service. At the same time, companies interacting with consumers through social networks should also rely on knowledge of excellent service.

In this training you will learn how to communicate with customers through social networks, how communication on the Internet can increase consumer loyalty and how to provide first-class service through a monitor or phone.

Main mistakes and how to prevent them

Service in social networks is based on the most important principles characteristic of a “classic” service. However, a number of mistakes will not allow to make communication in the social network first-class:

  • Confidence that personal communication in social networks will be enough for high-quality customer service;
  • The conviction that such work does not require additional knowledge, and the service is provided in the same way as with telephone communication.

The training will help to avoid these errors and teach you how to interact with the client through Twitter, Instagram and other major social networks.
What will help to achieve the service on social networks?

Service in social networks gives positive results:

  • Usually through social networks it is easier to solve any problems and contact the client, and he – with the company;
  • Increased customer loyalty specifically for you;
  • The brand reputation becomes better and stronger with the improvement of the level of service in social networks.

But most importantly, social networks are the best tools for receiving feedback from customers. It’s easier for them to write an enthusiastic or negative review on a web page than to go to your office and communicate in person. Therefore, providing customer service in social networks, you get a powerful impetus for further development and determine the vector of its direction.