Have you ever wondered how our brain works?

In the process of creating trainings for the service, you pay very much attention to this, because the brain affects our emotions, the way we make decisions and act. And how cool it is when we can really control our brain!

On September 29th, as part of the training, Aneta Korobkina will take part in the discussion “Why do people need knowledge about the brain?”. Aneta will tell you how this knowledge will affect the development of client relationships and the learning process.

And at the training you will learn how to:

  • Manage your brain in relation to your thoughts;
  • Use your neural network to make more effective decisions;
  • Recognize stress, manage your state and emotions through a neural network;
  • Argument your position in negotiations and in communication with people;
  • Make the neural network more plastic by managing its decisions;

• Ask questions, the meaning of which a person will remember, and not just give you a “mechanical” answer.


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