It all starts with the basics. As part of the training, you will learn what service is and why it is so important to provide it at the highest level. In the process of training, you will acquire the necessary knowledge and competencies for competent customer service, providing first-class service. Immediately after completing the training, you will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in practice, which will increase the level of customer satisfaction, their loyalty, and subsequently increase sales.

Who needs this training?

“Art and philosophy of service” is a training that will help to explain first of all what business etiquette and service are, why they are so important and why all companies of the international level like a mantra repeat the most important word, the most important principle of work, directly affecting the income level – customer focus.

This training is necessary for completely different professionals:

  • those who own their own business and plan to build corporate ethics in the company, instill in their employees standards of customer service;
  • those who regularly communicate with customers and want to be more efficient and better;
  • those who strive to achieve a world-class level of service, for which customers come back time after time.

What will you learn?

Learning the art and philosophy of service, putting knowledge into practice will help:

  • learn how to start and build communication with a client;
  • learn international standards of service, changes in them – and put into practice the acquired knowledge;
  • learn how to predict the needs and desires of the client;
  • understand what an individual approach is and how to ensure it;
  • find out what a professional in his field should look like to be attractive to him;
  • learn how to smooth out any conflict situations even before they develop.

Properly built tactics of communication with the client, or service, are the guarantor of complete failure – or 100% success! Allow yourself to become more successful.