On May 7, 2020, the Customer Experience Excellence Summit will be held in Zegreb, in which Aneta will act as the chair

What awaits you at the summit:
• Speakers who strive to create exceptional customer experience; they work and develop CX strategies for leading global brands.
• You will spend the day with one of the most motivating and visionary people in the world – an instant cure for creative burnout.
• You will pump your knowledge and skills. Discover new ideas and trends for your sector; bring along important insights that will help your business grow in the future.
• You will get acquainted with new approaches to work and your brand; learn from each speaker’s incredible stories.
• CX Excellence Summit will inspire you, increase motivation and provide the best examples from world practice that you can use in your company.

Aneta Korobkina and the team thanks the P World team for the honor and confidence in hosting such an event.

Event details:


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