In March 2020, Aneta Korobkina received the MSCEIT Certificate in Emotional Intelligence, attending the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence, Yale University, USA.
This certification allows Aneta to conduct professional trainings in the field of developing emotional intelligence.
According to the scientific concept developed by J. Meyer, P. Salovei and D. Caruso, who also developed this MSCEIT test, emotional intelligence consists of four
equivalent “branches”:

• perception of emotions;
• use of emotions;
• understanding of emotions;
• management of emotions.

Emotional intelligence – a 21st century skill, is one of the important criteria for improving leadership skills, and for a business, enhancing it is just as important as
constantly developing service skills. Raising it, you can cope with your emotions, decipher the emotions of the team and your guests. You will learn how to solve
problems without involving unnecessary emotions, which will increase your leadership qualities. Moreover, you can understand what your psychology needs at a
particular moment in time, as well as develop the above branches of emotions more evenly.

After training in emotional intelligence, you will be able to better understand the emotions of your guests, which will automatically increase your level of involvement and customer focus.
You can take training in emotional intelligence based on MSCEIT testing, either as a separate training course, or as part of a training unit for excellent service and
increased customer focus.
For the top management of companies, Aneta also prepared a separate training block on emotional intelligence, which includes testing your level of emotional intelligence with its subsequent increase and implementation in personal and professional life to achieve the goals of the company, the formation of successful strategies and access to new levels of service and leadership.

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